• Shannon B.

    My consultant Vernon was very good and offered a professional service. I am very satisfied with the help and the support I received from HRN.

    Shannon B.
  • Tesh P.

    My consultant Ed was brilliant. The recruitment process was clear, quick and I am very happy with my job! Thank you!

    Tesh P.
  • Mihaela Q.

    It was a great pleasure to work with Chris! It was very professional and very friendly. I am extremely satisfied with my new job.

    Mihaela Q.
  • Susan M.

    I am extremely satisfied with HRN! I would recommend it to everyone!

    The process was very comprehensive, quick. The consultant was extremely professional and friendly.

    Thank you HRN!

    Susan M.
  • Amanda P.

    I have been in my new job now for nearly 3 months now and I just want to thank Josh for finding me such a great job. From the first time I spoke to Josh I had full confidence in him to get me the right job. I was very impressed with how he ensured I had all of the information I required for the interview and how he ensured I was kept informed of the progress after the interview. Even got calls for the first month to ensure everything was going ok. Can’t thank him enough.

    Amanda P.
  • Deea L.

    I have been working with many agencies in the past and none of them could help me like HRN. They remained by my side throughout my journey as a new qualified nurse and they are not just an agency, they are my FRIENDS. They didn’t give up on me when no one wanted to hire me and they searched and sent me to the best places to work. They found me an amazing job, in a huge company and I want to say Thank you! They are not just an agency. They are AMAZING people. I do recommend HRN to everyone who needs support for finding their perfect job. I would give them 10 stars. They are the bests.

    Deea L.
  • Roselyn M.

    Working under HRN does not only have a financial benefit. HRN upholds values such as accountability and professionalism. The team is amazing and check on us whatever the situation may be supporting us throughout. They make sure you get work to suit your qualifications. HRN you’re a great team.

    Roselyn M.
  • Vanessa B.

    Brilliant organisation. Very hot on coming to me after uploading my CV to CV online. In fact just after 0800 the very next day!
    Continual support throughout my job search and interviews, and brilliant post enrolment also. I don’t think I’ve ever had an agency do so much including sending a ‘Well done’ card after getting a job!
    Definitely 5 stars all the way from me!

    Vanessa B.