Career opportunities available to nurses

11 Oct 14:00 by Richard


Completing your nursing qualification is an incredible feat. But what opportunities await and what types of job roles could you pursue?

Hospitals and GP Practices

Whether assisting surgeons, working in the emergency room or working on the general ward, hospital roles are varied, fast-paced and will require you to work long hours at times.

Alternatively, a GP Practice will provide regular hours where you will deal with day-to-day illnesses, check-ups and make referrals.

Working in the Community

There are many job opportunities that allow you to work in or for your local community. Supporting the elderly in their homes or residential homes; working as a Health Visitor for new mums and babies or
working in schools or universities will enable you to build relationships with patients and work with them over a sustained period of time.


This job role requires a person who can cope in extremely emotional situations. Caring for people who are terminally ill and making them and their families comfortable before they die is a difficult job to take on, but
one that can make a huge difference to the individual.

Working in this environment is tough – to cope with this, you must be too.

Research, teaching and education

Continuing the development of medicine and nursing is an exciting job role and one that will allow you to learn through your work.

Overseas aid and development

Providing relief after a disaster or working in a different country to deliver much-needed aid is a rewarding and tiring job that will push you outside of your comfort zone.

Holiday companies and leisure cruise ships

Everyone needs medical care at some point. Working in one of these destinations will give you a different lifestyle whilst using your skills as a medical practitioner.

These are just some of the job roles available to you as a nurse – take your pick!