Top 5 questions to ask in your student nurse interview

09 Oct 14:00 by Richard


Going for an interview can be both daunting and exhilarating – the questions, the pressure and of course, saying the ‘right’ thing. However, once you have finished impressing them, you hear: “So, is
there anything you would like to ask us at this stage?”

This is another opportunity to highlight your qualities and to find out more about the role. Refrain from asking about pay, holiday or accommodation at this stage and stick to the job – there is plenty
of time for that if you are offered the post. Instead, go armed with a range of questions and persuade them that you are the best candidate for the role.

Top 5 questions to ask

1) What kind of ongoing learning and development is offered?

By asking about ongoing training, you are demonstrating eagerness and a willingness to continue to improve – yes!
2) Is there a current improvement plan for the department?

By knowing what challenges the department face, you will be better prepared to make a decision and see how your strengths can help the team.

3) What do people tend to find most challenging in the first 6 months of this job?

This is an interesting question and demonstrates to the employer that you are aware that
things may be difficult and that you are ready to face them head on.

4) Is it possible to look around the unit?

Walking around the unit is a great way to get an impression of the culture and perhaps even
meet members of the department – all very insightful.

5) If I were to be given this job, is there anything I can do to prepare for the role?

Again, it is good to be keen. Telling the employer that you are prepared to put in the work and are willing to go the extra mile is very persuasive.

Finally, make sure you smile, shake hands and walk out confidently. You have just had an amazing interview – well done!