How to protect yourself when using Agency staff

30 Jul 11:00 by Ed Sobers


How to protect yourself when using Agency staff

We recently had a new client contact us who informed us that further to a CQC audit they were asked for proof of an agency workers compliance documentation.

They were in for a big shock!

The candidate supplied to them had a range of compliance documents missing of which one included a serious conviction on their DBS which the agency had failed to disclose to them. This caused a huge safeguarding issue for them.

You have to remember that by using agency staff you are still ultimately responsible for the agency workers compliance.

How do you know if your agency is carrying out the required compliance checks?  

The following 3 simple checks will give you the protection you need:  

  • Ask your agency if they are on the NHS CPP National Clinical Framework.
  • If your agency is framework approved you can have peace of mind that they will be following the required compliance requirements and will undergo regular independent audits.
  • Agencies that fail to comply will be removed from the framework or will not be on the framework.
  • The private sector, such as nursing homes, are particularly vulnerable to rogue agencies who are not allowed to supply to the NHS as they are not framework approved.

  1. REC - Recruitment and Employment Confederation - Registered
  • Check they are members by searching their name by clicking here 
  • Again, in order to become a member agencies are required to complete compliance checks and follow the RECs code of conduct.

  1. INSURANCE COVER – In place
  • Ask to see a copy of the agencies insurance policy and do not accept anything less than:
  • Employer’s liability insurance £5 million
  • Public liability insurance £5 million
  • Professional indemnity insurance £5 million

If your agency is unable to confirm and provide proof on these 3 important checks you are putting yourself and patients in serious danger.

It is not worth the risk.