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CORONAVIRUS: BUSINESS AS USUAL?The varying opinions on the long term effects the Coronavirus will have on public health and the entire world’s economy are really...


The varying opinions on the long term effects the Coronavirus will have on public health and the entire world’s economy are really confusing. In the UK, as of 10:36 on 13th March the number of confirmed cases are less than 500. Given the rate of transmission we are expecting the numbers of confirmed cases to exceed 10,000 by the end of the month (but no doubt, the reality is there are tolls more than that which are undiagnosed right now).

Companies are turning to video interviewing to ensure that they do not fall behind in their recruitment strategy and preventing staffing level dropping to dangerous levels. There are lots of software’s out there that you need to pay for, but there are also lots of free solutions which offer a virtually identical service.

Here are some tips to ensure that your video interview goes as smoothly as possible –

TIP 1 Software testing:

Whatever platform you are using to conduct your interview, make sure your software and camera is up and running and you have tested it first (including internet connection and microphone)

TIP 2 Practice makes perfect:

It can be a little awkward appearing on webcam if you haven’t done it before. Try a practice interview with another team member to practice your video interview skills

TIP 3 Preparation:

Ensure you are somewhere quiet, ideally in a room that you have pre-booked and you will not be disturbed.

TIP 4 Tour:

Candidates will not accept a role without being given the chance to see the service so you will need to give a tour via weblink and a chance to meet other staff members. It will be worth preparing your staff that this is the interview process to avoid confusion as you walk around with phone or laptop!

TIP 5 Offer Process:

Be brave - If the interviews goes well offer them the role over video link and arrange a time to come in to complete paperwork

One thing for sure though, Coronavirus will not be gone in a few weeks time. We are facing a long term problem that requires long terms solutions – that solution is not to do nothing.

Video Interview Platforms

Free: Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video

Paid for: Vidcruiter, Sparkhire, Tazio


Our team had a wonderful time volunteering at HC-Ones Tower Bridge Care Home. We split the day into two halves, and we took the residents to their local Dementia Friendly café where we laughed and crafted.

We helped the residents make Valentine Day cards for their nearest and dearest using stickers, pipe-cleaners ribbons and felt tips. We hope all of the staff and residents had as much fun as us!

Dementia is far reaching, and was very reassuring for all of us to know that love and laughter persists in the toughest of times. Thank you to the whole team for being so welcoming and we will deffinately be back!