Providing your healthcare workers with personal protective equipment (PPE)

01 Apr 18:00 by Richard


Healthcare wokers at risk

Workers across the country are being put at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic by a lack of face masks and basic safety kit.

Feeling forgotten by employers

Many are just being given aprons and gloves to protect them against coronavirus as they care for the vulnerable and elderly, this is leaving healthcare workers feeling forgotten by thier employers.

According to reports from some workers, home managers are refusing to issue face masks or not providing training in how to use them correctly. Others are not supplying frontline staff with hand sanitiser.

Creating anxiety amongst healthcare workers

This is triggering anxiety among staff that they and their families may become infected or they may spread the virus among the people they care for.

It seems that care staff are being given advice from managers that differed from official government guidance on PPE.

One healthcare worker reported that she had asked for extra protection but was told it was not needed.

“There’s a woman with dementia who doesn’t cover her mouth when coughing and constantly tries to touch staff,” the worker said.

“I believe there is a high risk of droplet transfer and have asked for eye protection or a full-face visor only to be told they’re not required,” she added.

Employers can stand out from the crowd and show they care

During these difficult times it is employers chance to shine and show that the wellbeing of thier healthcare workers is a top priority.

Once we come out on the otherside of this panedamic, workers will remeber how thier employers treated them in a time of need.