An Interview with Lockdowns Top Biller – Mr Wolosz!

19 Jun 12:00 by Jesse Rashley


Seb has maintained the highest billing average throughout the lockdown period and remained steadfast in everything he does! Seb talks us through motivation, family time and a new found love of all things edible.  


Q: During this period, you’ve managed to maintain the highest billing average on the desk. How have you kept yourself going?

A: During this strange period one thing that keeps me motivated is being able to work alone and have a plan to hit my targets and hit Senior. Spend a little more time at home save money and focus on myself which has worked since the lock down quite well. I have managed to hit my targets at work most of the time and enjoy the lovely weather which makes me think summer is going to be over soon until I realise it hasn’t even started!

My favourite thing about working from home is definitely eating good food during the day cause of my mum being at home and staying focused on what I have to do. I feel more in control and under pressure in a good way to keep doing well and making sure I’m working as good if not better than when I was in the office. It has allowed me to prove to myself I am able to perform no matter where I am.


Q: You seem pretty unphased Seb, what’s kept your spirits up?

A: I think we all saw people going through a difficult time since the lock down and I appreciate I managed to stay working and also have my mum at home to cook me great food cause that always keeps me going. Most of us have been doing recruitment for a while now to understand the lows are part of the game, it’s about taking a step back and analysing where you can improve because then you appreciate the highs more.


Q: It can’t all be sunshine and roses surely?

A: OK I admit it, I really miss my Friday nights not going out for a couple with Matthew and everyone else- I would say Alex but it’s hard to catch him over at the pub on a Friday. All jokes aside I’ve actually managed to stay pretty happy and feel working from home couldn’t of come at a better time as everyone at HRN have been really supportive and kept everything going really well.


Q: How do you think this time has changed your outlook and your relationship with your candidates and clients?

A: I think it has allowed us to become closer and they appreciate the work that we do for them during this difficult period – Apart from a few dirties we will catch in a few weeks. I have definitely worked with candidates I placed in the last month or so that I helped find a role they feel more safe working at and help fill vacancies for services that really need staff.


Q: So that’s work – what have you been up to at the weekends?

A: On the weekend I go over to the field with my little sister and play some football during the day, been having loads of BBQ’s in the garden so been eating loads watching a few series on Netflix and having a few in the sun.


I’m deffinately sensing a good theme developing here Seb, luckily you’ve got your little sister around to play football with to keep the pounds off!