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Sorry for the radio silence recently. We just had a big old office move. It was only a minute down the road…but could have been...

Sorry for the radio silence recently.

We just had a big old office move.

It was only a minute down the road…but could have been half way around the world. 

I must admit it took its toll on me, or maybe that’s because I also hit the grand old age of 40 at the same time!

Someone told me once that moving is the second most stressful thing you can do in your life…

After getting divorced :-S

Anyway, before I ramble on any further.

I just wanted to keep you in the loop on the current situation with nursing pay rises in the NHS…

Which as we know has a knock on effect in the private sector - mainly social care (care homes). 

NHS staff should have had their pay rise confirmed and in place by the 1st April 2022. 

That’s how the Agenda for Change system should work. 

In theory at least...

BUT, as we enter early summer in the UK, it’s looking suspiciously like there will be serious delays in decisions being made – just like we saw last year.

In 2021, Nurse pay rises were not confirmed until late July.

If I was a betting man, I would hazard a guess that we will see the same again this year. 

So, how much can you expect your current pay to increase by?

The government suggested in February that NHS workers would receive a 3% pay rise - at the most!

Now taking into account that inflation is currently running at 9%...

The cost-of-living crisis has worsened.

Mortgage rates are rising, and energy bills are at a historic high. 

And international instability is having a negative effect on the price of almost everything.

A 3% increase, at best, is actually a real-terms drop in wages. 

On the one hand unions are trying to fight back against the worsening situation, pressuring the government to make a decision that’s more in-line with inflation.

On the other side, the Bank of England is urging employers to resist increasing salaries…

They argue that raising salaries will only make inflation worse. 

Personally, whilst I think the general employment market won't see any significant salary increases. 

The Healthcare sector most certainly will - simply due to the enormous demand for Healthcare staff and the £12 billion of additional government funding coming its way. 

Those pay increases are coming to a town near you!

At the moment though, the situation is tough for a lot people. 

Perhaps you are feeling the costing of living pressure in your current job?

Maybe you are feeling the pinch and are considering alternative job opportunities?

If so, get in touch with the team today to book in your 15-minute discovery call to see what healthcare positions are available to you.